Your pet has lost his pounce?! Your feline is flagging and cat like curiosity seems in decline?! This could be serious!!

So what's the likely cause? Life in your lap-of-luxury - that's what! All that pampering and petting has depleted your cat's 'inner hunter' ... anaesthetised their will to 'walk-the-stalk'.

But fear not! The cure is right here! 

The Kitty Kat Boredom Buster is what every cat needs (especially your cat). In fact a regular course of Boredom Buster has been proven (watch the video below!) to rekindle curiosity - revive the inner-hunter - reactivate the pounce mechanism.

Kitty Kat Boredom Buster arrives as an easy-to-assemble flat pack. In seconds it folds into a devilishly engaging interactive toy, which YOU activate simply by inserting your cat's favourite eat-treats. 

Place the Kitty Kat Boredom Buster on the floor - place your cat by the Boredom Buster - then stand back and let the play begin!


What makes the Kitty Kat Boredom Buster so 'cati-vating'?

  • Because it provides hours of fun and interaction, by stimulating your cat's natural curiosity.
  • Because (loaded with your cat's favourite eat-treats, or small play-toys), it triggers their hunting, stalking, and pouncing instincts.
  • Because its devilish patented design, and cleverly shaped and placed openings and apertures, fully engage your cat's intelligence.
  • Because the exclusive patented corrugated insert allows you to regulate the 'degree of difficulty' each time your cat comes to play. Green is the easiest - red is intermediate - yellow is the trickiest.
  • Because its heavyweight, corrugated cardboard construction means it's durable, won't easily break-up, and is recyclable.